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Dôme Deco bringing designs to High Point

European lifestyle home furnishings brand Dôme Deco will launch its spring/summer 2021 collection at June’s High Point Market.

Inspired by the theme “Revitalize,” the collection features a presentation of shades of khaki green, a natural color with an urban attitude and shades of sienna red, a color referring to nature with its earthy richness and warm red touch.

“The essence of the theme is using deep colors connected with nature,” said Scott McKearn, U.S. sales manager. “Organic shapes, sophisticated materials. Urban vibe meets natural touch. We translated this into more natural and raw elements, deep collection colors and an interesting, worldly product combination, ranging from Polish glassware to Indonesian craftsmanship and Italian fabrics from Carlucci.”

Dôme Deco has collaborated Dutch award-winning designer René Holten is known for his highly qualitative products with an elegant, timeless and innovative character.

“The absence of back cushions and the large armrests are the main characteristics of the sleek and contemporary Lugano sofa designed by Holten,” McKearn said. “Its refined details and sophisticated appearance create the perfect fit for any living space, hotel lobby or general lounge area.”

Dôme Deco will also introduce the Java shelf in collaboration with Paul Apers. It’s a flexible shelving system that can be mounted in several ways. Officials say it is an eye-catcher in any living space.

To be even more project-oriented, the brand will also be launching a new fabric fan with the trend colors of the season. “It is an indication of intriguing fabric combinations, possible to take an interior project to a higher level,” said Dome Deco-U.S. owner Sangeeta Gupta.

Dôme Deco will showcase these pieces in IHFC InterHall space 302.