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Dôme Deco to host one-on-one brand tours

Dôme Deco, which is now being distributed in the U.S., is an international B2B interior design company that designs and distributes total interior concepts. Creating interior settings with a wide range of high-end quality design products with a cosmopolitan identity, the brand offers affordable luxury to interior designers, architects, retailers, hoteliers, office spaces, real estate projects and the like on a worldwide level.

Dôme Deco changes its collection twice a year. In Europe the Belgian brand launched the Spring/Summer Collection at Maison & Objet, and in the U.S. the launch was to take place in High Point. “By always being in line with current trends, we are able to create a contemporary collection. Our drive is to constantly inspire our clients for all of their interior projects,” said Sangeeta Gupta, U.S. distributor.

With the cancellation of High Point Market, the brand has chosen to move forward with a virtual launch of its new collection, primarily using the Dôme Deco one-on-one brand tour as a launch pad.

“With the large gap between markets, as a result of the cancellation of High Point, we decided to bring the showroom to our customers by providing one-on-one Dôme Deco brand tours,” said Scott McKearn, North American Sales Manager. The brand tours are 30-minute Zoom screen shares where McKearn shares a video of the company’s showroom at Maison & Objet in Paris, gives a guided virtual tour of the Atlanta Showroom and trains the tour recipient on how to most efficiently navigate the WebShop to place orders.

McKearn added, “The realization came that using technology to make the most of the challenging situation created by COVID-19 could actually be an opportunity to efficiently and personally educate and expose a large number of designers and retailers to our brand, which launched in the U.S. in January 2019.”

Dôme Deco sales representatives are also being trained to lead brand tours. McKearn said, “I know they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I believe that we need to. The situation we are in is going to leave lasting effects. I believe the openness to have a line presented via a screen share is here to stay, and our sales team can benefit from and needs to be equipped to embrace and leverage it. The bottom line is it translates into less travel time and more time spent speaking with our customers, which sounds like a win to me.”

The brand also made a “Strange Times Call for a Strong Offer” announcement as a way to help its customers make it through this challenging period. The “Strong Offer” is 25% off all immediate delivery goods and 10% off everything else in the line. The offer ends May 19.

Individuals can schedule tours via email request to [email protected] and complete WebShop registrations at