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Dôme Deco’s Fall/Winter Collection Personifies Simple Living

Leading European Lifestyle brand Dôme Deco, known for creating interiors with a high-end cosmopolitan identity, has announced the theme for their 2020 Fall/Winter collection. With the tumultuous times in the world today, the brand’s choice of the theme—Quality of Life—could not be more apropos.

Dôme Deco changes its collection twice a year and offers an affordable luxury aesthetic to interior designers, architects, retailers, hoteliers, and the like on a worldwide level. “By always being in-line with current trends, we are able to create a contemporary collection. Our drive is to constantly inspire our clients for all of their interior projects,” says U.S. Distributor Sangeeta Gupta.

The goal is to balance and achieve a high potential of well-being and to rediscover the real values of life to find serenity in your space and pace. The collection’s ambiances, extensions of the quality of life theme, are Refinement and Purification.

Refinement is stylish and clean lined with high-end finishes and details. Stimulating the senses with shapes and textures, deep green is the color palette used for this ambiance.

Purification exudes simplicity, roughness and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural materials, colors and processes. With pure and authentic shapes, midnight blue is the color palette used for this ambiance.

“I am loving the Simple Living theme associated with the Purification ambiance. It introduces lighter tones and heavy textures to the line. The use of lighter stone like travertine and off-white upholstery is a refreshing departure from the rich and heavy mood normally associated with our Cosmopolitan Living design expression,” says North American Sales Manager Scott McKearn.